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General Knowledge Important Questions 2020

 1. A kidney has between two and a half million to nine million nephrons.

. Both the kidneys are found to purify 1500 (fifteen hundred) liters of blood in a day.

3. The length of the small intestine of the body is 8 (twenty five) feet.

4. The length of the large intestine is 6 (six) feet.

5. Food from mouth to anus passes through the fridge in a total of 3 (thirty five) feet of action.

6. A human stomach can hold 4 (four) kg of food at a time.

7. A newborn baby has 210 bones and a young person has a total of 203 bones.

8. There are a total of 6 bones in two human hands.

9. The skull of a human head is connected to 5 bones.

10. There are five crore sweat glands in the whole body for disposal of sweat.

11. The total number of muscles in the body is 200 (seven hundred).

21. When a man speaks, 3 muscles are active simultaneously.

. Anger - When a person is angry, 12 muscles are directly affected.

. The large brain weighs about one and a half kilos.

. There are a total of one hundred (100) billion cells found in small and large brains.

. There are 2000 (three thousand) taste buds on the tongue to test the taste.

. The taste buds on the tongue become new every ten days.

. The human eye blinks 12,500 times in 24 hours.

. We take 21,600 breaths in 8 hours with 12 breaths per minute.

. Five kilos of waste is disposed of from the body through nine pores in 3 hours.

20. Man needs 12 (thirteen) cubic meters of clean air in a day.

21. In 8 (eight) hours of sleep a man changes his wings 3 (thirty five) times.

. There are 3 glands: pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal, sperm, ovary.

. There are 2 parts of the body in two letters like hands, feet, eyes, ears etc.

. Eye-ear-nose 3 gates, mouth, penis, anus are total 9 (nine) gates.

. Respiration- Excretion- Digestion- Blood transfusion- Knowledge = Five systems run the body.

. The eyelids reappear every 6 (sixty four) days.

. The eyes have 20 (seventy) lakh receptors to analyze light.

. The cornea of ​​the eye is theGeneral Knowledge Important Questions 2020 only organ that does not have a single blood vessel.

. A person can recognize more than 2000 (two thousand) colors through his eyes.

20. The lining of the stomach becomes new every 10 (ten) days.

21. The human body has a total of 30,000 billion cells.

. The length of the nerves of the whole body is 5 (both) km.

. There is water in 2/3 of our body.

. Normal body temperature is 4.5 Fahrenheit.

. The body can tolerate a minimum temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 3 degrees Celsius (cold-heat).

. The sound of our breathing is 10 (ten) decibels.

. A child needs 100 calories, a young man needs 200 calories, an adult needs 2,000 calories and a woman needs 1,200 calories.

. A person can donate blood 150 times in his entire life (20 to 5 years).

. In 100 years of life, a man spends only 6 years sleeping.

20. During life man travels as far as one orbit of the earth.

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